One of the great services you provide is listening  with interest to our relentless bragging about our aircraft. Thanks for being great listeners. Plane is ready to fly. All features are in the green, including weight and balance, static RPM's, engine monitoring, etc.  Control surfaces are free and functioning. I'll keep you posted. My sincere gratitude for all the support you've given. I feel you are a power plant home, not just and engine vendor.  - Jim

Just wanted to thank everyone at Viking.  I began my first aircraft build two years and four months ago by ordering a Viking 130 engine and a ICP Savannah S aircraft kit.  Yesterday I got the airworthiness certificate.  Let me just say that the engine installation part of the process was straight forward and easily done with all the support I received from Viking.  That thing starts every time with just a touch on the starter, has no vibration and sounds awesome.  If you are in the market for an engine you cannot go wrong with Viking. Contact me any time and I will be happy to share my experience with you.  Thanks again Jan, Alissa and everyone else at Viking.  “When” I build my next aircraft I will be calling you for the engine. -Karl 

Engine Options

90 HP Engine: $9,995.00

130 HP Engine: $10,995.00

170T HP Engine: $16,995.00

195T HP Engine: $18,500.00

​All Engines are complete, with all wiring, computer, components for a running engine and NO LEAD TIME!

Full FWF Kits Available and Reliability with a track record.

JOIN US! The 2nd Annual Viking Engine Workshop (Jan. 26th)

All day event to include in depth detail about the engine models, gearboxes, maintenance, fuel systems, wiring, live engine build, installations and more along with demo flights to round out the evening. Fly in or drive in, but get here!
All participants get a Viking Shirt, a demo ride (weather permitting), breakfast and lunch included as well.
Join us for a large gathering afterwards as we grill out and enjoy the rest of the evening!
Some snipets of videos of last year:

You guys are amazing. You should be teaching customer service! -Joe

We have introduced a map to enable builders and flyers to see where other Viking customers are in relation to each other. If you see an area you would like to contact a customer and reach out to contact for more information.

THANK YOU for making an EXCELLENT product, providing EXCELLENT customer support, and wish you a GREAT day. I just wanted you to be aware Zenith now has a CH-750 with conventional gear with YOUR engine in it, and the first 10 minutes of flight felt very good. You have obviously created an excellent power plant and propeller combination and many of us applaud your efforts – and I wanted to personally THANK YOU for them. -Pat

Just a few shots of our customers and the many aircraft who chose Viking, to see more look around our website!

Engine arrived today in perfect shape!! Almost too pretty to get all dirty flying it!!
You guys have exceeded my expectations, excellent service, great product!   World needs more companies like Viking!!!
I’ll keep ya posted on the progress!
Thanks again, -Barry

Viking Aircraft Engines

Our Customer Say it ALL! Want to get in touch with one of our customers, let us know. With Viking customers all over the USA and everywhere from Sweden to New Zealand. We have got you covered!

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