Propeller torque is 2.33 x the above.  Peak torque at the propeller is 217 ft lb

The standard propeller extension is 1.5" but up to a 4.75" can be used.  With a 12" spinner, only a small drop to the cowling at the front is needed to enclose the engine.  


Viking 90 HP - Rotax 912 replacement

Type1.2 L DOHC, 12- valve Inline, 3 cylinder


90 @ 5800 RPM
Weight159 lbs
Gearbox Ratio2.33/1
Takeoff RPMEngine 5800
Prop 2500
Cruise RPMEngine 4500
Prop 2000
Static RPM - STOL AircraftEngine 5800 RPM

Prop 2500 RPM

Static RPM - 

Cross Country Aircraft

Engine 5200 RPM
Prop 2200 RPM
Coolant Temperature180-220 F
Oil Temperature180-230 F 
Oil Pressure20-80 Psi
Fuel Pressure43 Psi
Fuel100LL/ 89+ Octane Auto Fuel
Length22 in
Height 25 in

19 in

Gearbox Oil/Type/Quantity75W-90 Mobile One Synthetic Gear Oil/6 oz
Engine Oil0W-20
CoolantEvans NPG Plus
Coolant System Pressure4 Psi

Hi Alissa,
The Viking 90 engine For my CH-701 arrived today and looks perfect! I'm really happy how light it is. My neighbor and I picked it up to put it in a van with no issues. I'm pretty sure it's lighter then the GP VW 2180 with Valley redrive.

A lightweight gearbox development is complete for the 90 HP Viking model. This gearbox will work on pusher aircraft and on installations where the propeller does not have to be at the top of the engine. For those installations, a 3 gear gearbox is used.  

The port injected engine is more fuel efficient than the carbureted Rotax engine. So, you will do as good or better when planning fuel flow.