Viking has all parts to complete an engine installation in a Van's  Aircraft

Viking 130 and the RV-12A popular question in regards to the RV-12 is if you can make any "changes" to the design, such as opting for a superior engine.  Well, here is the answer, directly from Van's web site."

The FAA has evaluated the RV-12 kit and found it eligible for registration in the Experimental-Amateur Built (EAB) category.
The airplane comes as an exceptionally professional kit.   
The kit is not much more expensive than similar kits from competitors 
The recommended engine is very expensive, low on technology and low on power

   Viking believe that the RV-12, with an up to date, reasonably prized engine package is the # one package for anyone contemplating an aircraft build or completing and already started RV-12.  Several Viking 110 aircraft are flying and have been for 5 years.  We now introduce the Viking 130 RV-12