In Tank Viking Fuel Pumps using Weld-In aluminum ring

This option allow for a simple fuel system where only the inline high pressure fuel filter and fuel pressure transducer are external to the fuel tank.  No vent or return lines are needed back to the tanks.  Only the venting of the fuel tanks themselves is needed.  Fuel management is simply done through the electrical switches powering the built-in fuel pumps.  Turn on a pump in each tank for takeoff / landing, then use whatever side you would like for cruise.  ‚Äč

Your pump assembly is temporarily put together when shipped to show the layout of related parts. 
Disassemble aluminum flanges from pump
Have an expert welder TIG weld flanges to bottom of fuel tank after cutting an opening slightly larger than the inside diameter of the flange.
Reinstall pumps with rubber seal using blue LockTite on screws.  Only snug until rubber seal is compressed.
Ground each pump lead to separate terminals on aircraft grounding bus.
Wire positive leads through pump switches and 5A breakers to aircraft positive bus.
Use 5/16 fuel injection hose and Oetiker crimp clamps for all fuel connections.

Pumps have built in low pressure filters
Use a 5/16 barbed T to join output of fuel pumps
Use single in-line high pressure fuel filter prior to engine
Use another T for fuel pressure transducer.  Pressure should be close to 43 psi
Follow online Video instructions 

In Tank Viking Fuel Pumps using backup ring for no welding and plastic fuel tank installations