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Randy and Mary incorporating one idea after another to perfect the installation.  The engine now has the perfect fit and aligns exactly where the Rotax engine used to be :)

Mary and Randal Geiger showed up in September 2019, expressing interest in a joint project by updating their Pegasus PPC from Rotax 582 power to Viking 90 power. Viking is now working with them to make it a reality. 

Getting closer.  Engine fits perfectly on the airframe and final assembly of fuel system, throttle, coolant, exhaust etc., October first 2019

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Yesterday I was able to finish the practical test for Colin McAllister, and after he passed the flight check ride, issue him his temporary airman certificate. Welcome our newest sport pilot. He did the flight test and did well, earning his sport pilot PPCL pilot certificate, pictured here with his temporary airman certificate. I know he can't wait to take his friends up flying in his Powrachute Airwolf, powered with the Honda/Viking 130HP fuel injected engine. Congratulations Colin. Well done.

Above is the start of this project.  Randal came to Viking in order to measure the 90 / 100 Turbo model engine to check preliminary physical fit to the machine.  After writing down some measurements, Viking decided they would be much better off borrowing an engine to test fit back home.  Randal has now done this and is supplying wooden front engine mount modifications for Viking to machine in aluminum.  The  aft mounts were already usable.  

So, as you see, after a weekend full of double checking everything, the original Viking Bed Mount will fit just fine, after all.  Perfect and good news. 

Another big day and getting ready to pull the 582 shortly.  The engine mounting has now been designed and Randal made prototype aluminum brackets to align with the original mounts on the engine.  It all fits remarkably well, clearing the oil cooler / filter, exhaust, etc.  One observation of the design was that one mounting bracket will need slotted holes in order to allow for an easy installation and tightening of the rubber doughnuts.  The front brackets will get this.


Powrachutes Machines Really Know How to Perform With a Viking 130 Engine. Viking is continuing to ship our 130 Engines to Powrachute and we are seeing more and more that are Viking powered. (We now deliver 20+ engines / year)