James Fisher of Australia
Viking is continuing to grow and we can't do it alone, we are OEM suppliers for multiple companies and have decided to move forward with offering dealer positions for a selected few that really match what we are looking for.
If your in the Australia area, James is your go-to. He will be receiving his aircraft equipped with the Viking 130 very soon and we are looking forward to him demonstrating everything it is capable of.

He can be reached at: James@swishprojects.com.au
His Facebook is
His Website is

A snippet about James:

With over 24 years experience in the field of aviation. I am currently building my own kit, and as soon as it is finished, I will start on the next one. Building is a great activity all of it's own.
I have spent time under paragliders and parachutes, in 2-stoke trikes and 2-seater turbines - but you can't beat the freedom of your own all-metal cross-country machine. My Zenair STOL can fit in my shed, be flown from my farm and be fueled from the local service station. Because I built it, I can also maintain it and modify it to suit myself. Brilliant.

Welcome to the Viking Team!