Viking Aircraft Engines For Experimental Aircraft Based On Honda

​​​​​​​So, what exactly are you getting when you buy a Viking Aircraft Engine?  

Viking has a steady supply of Honda engines.  These are close to new but have been in cars for testing or in slightly damaged cars where repairs to the chassis were found not to be economical.  Engines generally are less than 6 months / have less than 5,000 miles.  All engines are new when leaving the Viking assembly line.  

Our customers benefit from the absolute latest in engine technology.  They know that no other aircraft engine company can provide so much, for so little.  

 Viking is the leader in aircraft engine technology.  The fuel economy is world class; the power to weight is superb.  Quality of the engines is as good as it gets and Viking does dyno and thousands of hours of in-flight testing.  

 With a Honda based Viking engine you are flying behind a mass produced engine.  These engine cores are made in the hundreds of thousands.  Not less than 1,000 / year for most other aircraft engine manufacturers.  The advantage is clear.  Parts are readily available and not expensive.  In fact, an entire new engine block cost less than a typical overhaul of most other aircraft engines.  

Viking routinely win the Zenith STOL competitions due to brute power.  The Viking company Zenith CruZer is faster than any other (154 mph TAS @ 8,500 ft da).  It also has the shortest takeoff roll of any CruZer.  In fact, the airplane is so powerful; it can take off shorter than a full fledged CH-750 STOL airplane.  

It is disappointing to see the actual performance numbers of home-built aircraft not flying the Viking 130. Zenith CruZer speeds being reported from O-200, O-235, Rotax 912 Injected as 100 mph must be shocking after spending the money and effort to make a descent X country airplane. 
Realizing that with a 30 kt headwind, it is far better to dust off the old motor home is not fun. 

The Zenith CruZer is only going to be impressive with an impressive engine. 154 mph  TAS at 8,500 ft density altitude average cruise speeds are the norm with a Viking 130 engine up front.

Don't be fooled by price. Paying more to feed the design team of low volume engine effort is not going to benefit you. Pay less but get more is the Viking way. A Honda Based engine will serve you for years to come. 

​The Viking 130

- The 130 is as close to a Honda Fit car engine as possible, retaining all of its modern features. 
- Viking staff answer all emails and make personalized calls to ensure satisfaction
- Homebuilthelp provide a professionally made engine installation DVD
- Homebuilthelp provide a Viking operation and maintenance DVD
- The 2016 Honda engine manual cover all engine specifics in great detail
- The engines are Evans liquid cooled without pressure.  No leaks or possible boiling
- The engines run at only 2/3 Honda rated RPM
- The 130 is a perfect weight for the Zenith and a host of other experimental aircraft.
- Engines are ready to bolt to the airplane as shipped
- Cowling, engine mount and propeller available along with all other accessories 
- The 130 will outperform all other engines in class with 600 lb of thrust
- The Viking powered Zenith CruZer beat all 750 STOL aircraft at the 2015 STOL competition
- At Viking we fly Zenith aircraft every week. We fly our own engines
- An inline 4 cylinder engine is not complicated. Rather simplicity itself. 
- The Viking has no external exhaust pipes, just a muffler
- No baffles required to direct cooling air over cylinders
- All parts available from Honda or Viking
- Over 3,600 reduction drive gear parts in stock, including 2,700 gears 
- Only one wire and a fuel pump to connect for first start
- No complicated fuel return system needed
- Worlds only GDI (gasoline direct injected) aircraft engine
- No oil cooler needed
- Full and easy access to all sides of engine for easy maintenance 
- Complete installation service offered at East and West coast 
- Demo rides at factory, Sebring, Sun N Fun, Zenith and Oshkosh 

Air travel is not expensive any more. Be sure to test the engine you want to fly by going for a few test rides. We are always ready to go flying.