Why we choose OEM built, tested and proven engines over building outdated technology from decades old replacement parts

Selling used engines has always seemed to be a controversial topic, it is time to dig a little deeper into the reasons we offer both used and new. Lets start by clarifying what used is.

We start with the most up to date year engines with super low mileage, derived from fender benders across the US. When customers want the information about where there engine core came from and how many miles it had - we have all that documentation readily available to show.

Companies like Honda and Mitsubishi have spent millions of dollars refining and testing. We don’t claim that we can outsmart either company when it comes to the design of any internal running component of these engines. We don't change vital engine parameters around and claim we have different models. The compression, etc. is all stock. Every part is OEM Honda / Mitsubishi, nothing is new aftermarket from unknown origins.

What Kind of Features Does a Viking Engine Offer?

  • Others might claim "fuel injection" but not "direct fuel injection" Honda use a Direct Gasoline Fuel Injection System for superior starting, additional power, low fuel consumption, very low chance of detonation, smoothness, internal engine cooling etc.
  • 4 coil ignition system. You don't want a single coil or "dual coil" ignition on a 4 cylinder engine. If one of the 2 coils fail, you now have only 2 cylinders left.
  • Optional dual ECU systems.
  • Lifetime chain camshaft drive. No belts or external greased idler pulleys at high continuous RPM.
  • Integral exhaust manifold cast into cylinder head for a simple exhaust system
  • Off-set crank shaft and friction reduction coating throughout the engine.
  • Variable valve lift and timing for superior full RPM range, power, smoothness and efficiency.
  • This can not be matched with fixed camshafts.
  • Honda racing technology parts, such as fractured connecting rods and grooved bearings.
  • 40 amp genuine Nippon Denso alternator. Not a $40 copy.
  • Custom Mil-spec jacketed wire loom.
  • 3 gear gearbox for Lycoming style propeller rotation and vertical engine orientation.
  • Forged, heat treated and ground helical gears with heavy duty German/Japanese roller and ball bearings throughout for extreme reliability and durability.
  • Dual overhead camshafts.
  • Original Honda tuned intake system.
  • 2.33/1 gearbox ratio for optimum propeller speed.
  • Liquid Cooling.

New and no mileage engines

Viking has always offered new and no mileage engines and we have some available in our shop and ready to ship. A rebuilt Lycoming engine is a used engine, even a factory rebuilt unit is used. Viking's used happens to be the latest in technology and just slightly used.

Why Choose Viking

  • Your getting PROVEN results, with customers who have hundreds of hours on their aircraft. Check out our forum and website and see for yourself.
  • Always ready to ship - next day, no waiting 6 or more months to receive your engine and a full FWF kit.
  • Viking is always available to assist you in your installations, flights and problem solving along the way. Most of all to see you fly successfully and be happy with the results.
  • Viking continues to be the most affordable engine option without sacrificing quality with engines at $9,995.00.

Real Customers, Real Performance

A lot of new companies will state compatability and longevity numbers with no real flight hours and evidence that it does more than just "fit" Do your homework, talk to real customers, and be safe in your decisions. 

Our Business Model and Why it's Important

We send you a complete running and tested engine and firewall forward package that our test pilots have physically installed before you. Take a look at the many YouTube videos showing the real life installations and flights by our company to assure you a road for success.
We are not happy to just sell you an engine. We want you to have complete faith that your engine will fly successfully in your aircraft within months of delivery rather than a drawn out, ugly and slow test procedure for you to feel like your testing something for the first time.

Did we mention that our engines and firewall packages are in stock? Order today and we can ship tomorrow.

Here at Viking, we spend every waking moment thinking about torsion dampers, radiator efficiency, power to weight ratios, and all sorts of things related to engines and flying machines, we love what we do and never think of it as work. We are in it for the love of aviation, flying and all things undiscovered. We built the first Zenith Cruzer and the first customer Zenith Super Duty. We install our engines and fly them all over the US. We are known for having the fastest Zenith in the world and at the same time being a winner in our STOL category every year at the famed fall Zenith fly-in.
-The Viking Team

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Proven results with 900+ customers and growing. See some of our customers in action on our YouTube channel!

Honda after market pricing is also very low. Problem is - what are you really buying?

As you can see in the above video, Viking uses the absolute latest available engine technology for their aircraft engine conversion. No 1990’s new blocks or hand assembly just exactly the technology you would expect from buying a modern showroom car.

Aftermarket Suzuki parts:

Outdated and aftermarket Suzuki parts are also available everywhere for nothing. Mix and match as much as you would like, playing Russian Roulette that all of the parts somehow meet OEM standard. You can NOT build an engine from these parts that even closely meets the OEM standards of a 2019 Honda Accord engine, nor can you build different model engines by swapping these parts around as you feel like. More compression, less compression, this fuel, that fuel? Engines are VERY particular to their specifics. One small change warrants LOTS of testing. Viking is not about making changes to the internals of OEM Honda engines.

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Did you know it is easy to buy "All New" in todays world?

A ten year old engine design is very attractive to the copy cats wanting to sell parts. The entire VW to aircraft conversion industry has made big money on selling a few parts for close to $10,000. Those that know the industry just laugh at this gauging.

VW part prices: