Use the existing bolts and the cupped washers supplied in the mount kit. Compress neoprene until ¼” stick out on each side. Carefully inspect and see if metal washer hits engine after compressing. Remove material on washer if needed. The aluminum engine block is hollow so be very careful if removing material from it.The picture to the left shows a perfect installation with only the minimum material removed from the engine with a Dremel tool. All judging of where to remove material was done with the bushings compressed. 

Updates required to engines with powder coated engine mounting and / or alternator brackets. 

Engines with black powder coated upper engine mounting brackets will need smaller Damper assemblies.  The cone shaped area is smaller than the bottom mounts.  The dampers are available at most auto part stores with part # 9.8105R or sometimes #98105R 

Powder coating looks great but sometimes is not our friend. The alternator counts on a good ground to the engine block.  Unfortunately, this might not be the case with coated brackets. Be sure to remove the coating in the two places shown.