We have had a few circumstances where installers have shorted their ECU power to ground, when this happens you burn up the ECU making it unrepairable and likely damaging other 12V components on the engine. In order to protect the ECU during installation of your electrical system, it is suggested that the ECU power wires are protected with electrical tape and installed after other electrical work is completed. You might also use a 1 amp fuse between the ECU power leads and the main power buss the first time power is applied (this is just a quick test to verify that there is no short and obviously should not be left in place, the ECU should remain unfused as shown in the diagram for normal operation) 

A symptom of a burnt up ECU is a strong electrical smell from the ECU enclosure. 

You will have to replace the following on the engine if power is shorted to ground:

Your ECU

Crank Sensor

CAM Sensor

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Variable Valve Lift Solenoid

Coils (4)

The cost of a new ECU is $1500.00

Cost for additional items: $815.00

These items MUST be replaced. 

None of this is to indicate that the ECU is fragile in anyway. It is just like any other electrical device where voltage reversal is not acceptable. We feel the lack of fuses increase the overall safety.

Viking View Wire

Some have mistaken the Viking View (Green/White) wire as a negative ground. If this wire is grounded you will disrupt the proper operation of the ECU. 

If you DO NOT have a Viking View instrument, this wire must be capped off and not used.

If you DO have a Viking View, simply use for the Viking View ground as instructed with instrument. That means, connect to Viking View ground wire. It does not mean to connect the wire to any ground. 

It does not mean to connect the wire to any ground, it IS the ground for the Viking View. 



If you have not had your ECU updated since January of 2018 - YOU MUST have it done prior to flying. We do not want anyone flying unless this has been completed. 

Simply return your ECU to Viking at:

735 S. Airpark Rd. C3

Edgewater, Florida 32132

There is no charge, just include return shipping. 

If you have any questions or your not sure yours has been completed you can email Alissa@vikingaircraftengines.com