This is the replacement turbo drive plate.  It is heavier but much stronger
Viking will take swift action to rectify the problem with this heavy duty part.
No engines should be flying after 7/17/2017 unless the flywheel drive disk looks like the one in the picture above

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Don has VERY nice info regarding the Flywheel update info.

110/130 Mandatory Flywheel Update

Today a CH-701 made an off airport landing in California due to a failed flywheel drive part. The airplane is damaged but the pilot made the best landing possible and is not hurt.
The batch of parts distributed are therefore recalled and a heavier duty part will be supplied.
 Even though there has never been a failure, we do not take any chances.  
The part already in use on the 180 hp turbo engine will be used and has considerably testing already completed.  It will fit the 110 and 130 engines directly
Anyone that has a part like this picture should contact for your replacement part.